DATA STUDIO CONNECTOR: Listing for Google Drive

Use this connector to list in a Data Studio dashboard all your files and folders or all content of a specific folder (including the content of all its nested subfolders). 

How can I embed my list of files in my site?

Simply follow this documentation from Google Data Studio:

Some files are not accessible to all viewers, how can I make sure they are only seeing the files they have access to?

Google Data Studio provides 2 ways of giving access to the content displayed.

Use the second option when setting up your view to make sure everyone is only seeing the files he should.

Owner's Credentials button

Why can't I get a thumbnail / preview of my files in Google Docs format?

Thumbnail / preview is only supported on none-Google files format. So you will be able to display a preview of images & PDFs but not of your Google Docs, Sheets & Slides files.

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