Listing for Google Drive: Terms of Use

Google terms

First please read Google terms of Use regarding the use of third party connectors:

By using our connectors, you confirm you've read and agree to these terms, either as an individual or on behalf of your company (as applicable). If you are accepting these terms on behalf of your company, you confirm you are authorized to do so on behalf of your company.

Our own terms

At this point in time we are committed to offering tools at no cost to every user but the connectors listed on this site might require a license fee in the future.

We assume no legal responsibility for the misuse of our connectors by end users, nor do we make any guarantees of their quality or reliability.  Because we store no data outside of the end-user’s Google account, the potential failure of this tool generally poses no privacy risk, but we cannot offer a 100% guarantee of this.

While we make every effort to ensure their functionality, connectors exist within a fast-moving product ecosystem in which things break and may need to be fixed from time to time. We enthusiastically welcome all users of our tools as partners in their development and refinement, you can contact us at