Cancellation & Refunds

The policies apply if you purchased a subscription to any of our Google Workspace add-ons:
Mergo, Folgo, or Publigo

Mergo, Folgo, and Publigo use Paypal and Stripe as their payment gateways.
This means that Scriptit (the creator of Mergo, Folgo, and Publigo) does not have access to your Credit Card or Banking information - Learn more.

Cancel your subscription renewal

To cancel the renewal of your subscription:

📌 Notes: 

Refund Policy

Mergo, Folgo, and Publigo only offer refunds on these conditions:

A. Duplicate charges from Paypal or Stripe. 

B. The relevant account has a Yearly or Lifetime subscription. 
    That Yearly or Lifetime subscription has never been used after the purchase (or renewal) date.

When a refund is granted, this will immediately terminate your subscription.

All refunds will be sent back to the payment method of your original payment. Money should be refunded in the currency you originally selected. Learn more about our payment gateway's refund procedure: 

Also note that the payment gateway fees (Stripe and / or Paypal fees) will be deducted from refunds.