Listing for Google Drive: Privacy Policy

Data Studio Community Connectors enable direct connections from Data Studio to any internet accessible data source. The connectors listed on this site are tightly integrated with your Google account and the data stored in said account. When installing a connector, you will be prompted to authorize different accesses to your Google account. Those authorizations will only be used to display in Data Studio the data you have selected.

Data Studio Community Connectors are created and powered by Google Apps Script, on Google servers.

Information gathered by the connectors will never be sold or shared to external people. Your data never leaves Google servers. They are not stored by us in any external database. They can be cached on Data Studio side.

Connector to Google Drive

The connector to Google Drive requires read access on all your Google Drive files and folders, including Shared Drives if you have access to them.

Even if you only want to use this connector to display the content of a specific folder we do need access to all your files as it's not possible to require access to a specific folder with Google current permission system.

We also request your identity / email address to properly recognize you in Drive sharing settings.