Send personalized mail merges from Gmail and Google Sheets. Add attachments for each recipient, schedule your campaign, include CC/BCC recipients and track email opens, clicks, bounces and responses.


  • Send personalized mail merges from Gmail and Google Sheets

  • Import Contacts in a Sheets

  • Schedule your campaign/send an email when a Google Forms is submitted

  • Track a campaign, from Google Sheets, Gmail or Google Docs

  • Generate an email draft from a Google Doc

Automatically generate documents from Google Sheets data, turn Google Forms submissions into PDFs, Google files (Docs/Sheets/Slides) or Microsoft files (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), and send them by email.


  • Generate personalized Google Docs, Sheets, Slides from a Google Sheets

  • Create a document when a Google Form is submitted

  • Schedule a document merge

  • Send the documents by email

  • Share the documents and manage user permissions

Copy an entire folder structure, with or without files. Transfer ownership of subfolders and files. List your Google Drive files in a Google Sheets.


  • Duplicate a folder and all its subfolders, with or without the files inside

  • Transfer ownership of an entire folder structure in once

  • Audit a folder structure, generate a Google Sheets report about the content of a folder