Privacy policy

The add-ons available on this site are tightly integrated with your Google account and the data stored in said account. When installing an add-on, you will be prompted to authorize different accesses to your Google account. Those authorizations will only be used to perform the service you are requesting from the add-on you have installed.

Add-ons are created and powered by Google Apps Script, on Google servers.

Information gathered by an add-on will never be sold or shared to external people. When we need to store data outside of your Google account, we use a Google service for that: Firebase. Your data never leaves Google servers. We are only storing data in Firebase when needed to provide the service offered by the add-on. Most data collected by our add-ons are directly processed within Google Apps Script and are not saved in any database for later reuse.

Add-ons specific details

Bounce Checker

Bounce Checker perform specific queries / searches on your Gmail inbox to collect all bounce notifications and list them in Google Sheets.

Because of that, this add-on needs authorization to read your Gmail inbox and write data to your spreadsheets.

Bounce Checker is also creating a shared database of non-existant email addresses. Those the add-on will save in an external database (powered by Firebase, on Google servers) any wrong email address you tried to reach in the past and for which you received an "Address not found" bounce failure notification.

Monthly stats for Gmail

This add-on is triggered once a month and analyzes all emails you sent or received over the last 30 days to generate a monthly report of your email activity.

Because of that, this add-on needs authorization to access your Gmail inbox.

Insert Icons (all versions: Docs, Sheets & Slides)

This add-on lets you insert icons into Docs, Sheets and Slides. Because of that, this add-on needs authorization to interact with the current document (or sheet, or slide) you are using and authorization to display a list of icons in a sidebar of this document.