DATA STUDIO CONNECTOR: Listing for Google Drive

Use this connector to list in a Data Studio dashboard all your files and folders or all content of a specific folder (including the content of all its nested subfolders).

How can I embed my list of files in my site?

Simply follow this documentation from Google Data Studio:

Some files are not accessible to all viewers, how can I make sure they are only seeing the files they have access to?

Google Data Studio provides 2 ways of giving access to the content displayed.

  • Using your own credentials (default)

  • Using your viewers credentials

Use the second option when setting up your view to make sure everyone is only seeing the files he should.

Owner's Credentials button

Why can't I get a thumbnail / preview of my files in Google Docs format?

Thumbnail / preview is only supported on none-Google files format. So you will be able to display a preview of images & PDFs but not of your Google Docs, Sheets & Slides files.

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